University Information Centre (UIC) is a vital office of KIIT University. Strategically situated at the main entrance of Kharashrota Campus (Chintan Building), UIC serves as a centralized information system to facilitate authentic and quick information flow to the visitors, staff and students about various programmes, departments and activities of KIIT.

VOICE : + 91 674 2725113
TELEFAX : + 91 674 2725113
Dr. Achyuta Samanta

KIIT–A Group of Professional Institutes & KIIT University
KISS - A Home for 25,000 Tribal Children (KG to PG)

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Prof. N. L. Mitra
Prof. Mitra has been formerly the Vice-Chancellor of National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore (1997-2001 and National Law University (NLU), Jodhpur (2001-2004). ...Read on
Fax : +91 674-2725481
Prof. P. P. Mathur
Ph.D., F.A.M.S
Prof. P. P. Mathur was the Dean, School of Life Sciences and Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology... Read on,
Landline : +91 674 2725 171
Prof. (Dr.) Deba Kumar Tripathy
Prof. Tripathy has been the Ex Vice-Chancellor, VSSUT, Burla, Odisha... Read on
Landline : +91-674- 2725553
Prof. Satyendra Patnaik
He has 33 years of experience in research, teaching, journalism & academic administration. Read on...
Prof. Sasmita Samanta
Landline : +91 674 2741 747, 2742 103, 2725 481
Prof. Santosh K. Pani
Landline : +91 674 2305 300
Prof. S. Nanda
Prof of Eminence & Research Chair
Prof. (Dr.) Hari Gautam
CHAIRMAN, ADVISORY BOARD, KIIT UNIVERSITY- Dr. Hari Gautam is an Eminent Educationist, an Eminent Administrator and an Eminent Medical Man. More...
Mr. D. N. Dwivedy
In charge of SOT, ICT, SBT, SCA & Insurance
Landline : +91 674 2744 063
Mr. P. Parida
Incharge of School of Medicine, Dental Sciences
Landline : +91 674 2725 472
Mr. S. Samir Panda
Incharge of SOM, SRM, Off campus, HR, Training & Placement, Corporate Relations
Landline : +91 674 2725 713
Mr. Rabindra Nath Dash (I.A.S.) retd
SECRETARY & ADVISOR, KIIT Group of Institutions & KISS
Mr. Mahendra Prasad
DIRECTOR, External Relation
Mr. Trilochan Ray
PS to Founder, KIIT  & KISS
Landline : +91 674 2740 326
Mr. C. P. Bahadur
PS to Founder, KIIT & KISS
Landline : +91 674 2741 671
Fax : +91 674 2743 271
Prof. L. K. Vaswani
DIRECTOR, KIIT School of Rural Management
After leaving IRMA in November, 2006 he moved to Bhubaneswar. Read on...
Prof. S. C. Dash
DIRECTOR, KIMS & Pradyumna Bal Memorial Hospital - Professor and Head of Dept of Nephrology, Dialysis & Renal Transplantation, KIMS
He is the Founder President of Nephrology-Urology Read on... Landline : +91 674 2725 314
Prof. Mrutyunjay Suar
DIRECTOR, KIIT School of Biotechnology
Director - KIIT R&D Cell
CEO - KIIT Technology Business Incubator (KIIT-TBI)
Prof. N. K. Chakrabarti
DIRECTOR, KIIT School of Law
Prof. Chakrabarti has established himself as a researcher in the field of Criminology...Read on
Prof. Adwaita Gadanayak
DIRECTOR, KIIT School of Sculpture
Sculptor & Artist of international fame
Prof. (Dr.) B. C. Das

DIRECTOR, School of Medicine
Landline : +91 674 2725 314
Prof. Anil Bajpai
School of Management
Prof. Baikuntha Panigrahi
DIRECTOR, School of Mass Communication
Prof. Panigrahi, retired IB(P)S officer  from Doordarshan in Government of India is a Master in English...Read on
  Landline: +91 674 2725 703
Dr. S. P. Mishra
DIRECTOR, School of Fashion Technology
Dr. Mishra is B. Sc. (Tech) (Cal), MBA (PTU), M. Tech., (IIT, Delhi), Ph. D. (IIT, Delhi), F.I.C.S., F.I.E. (I), C. Engg. more...
Landline +91 674 2725703
Dr. Sudhir Kumar Satpathy
DIRECTOR, School of Public Health
Landline +91 674 2305300 (Ext. No-37920)
Prof. A. K. Sen
Chairman, UG Programme
Schools of Engineering
Prof. B. C. Guru
Director, Quality Assurance Cell
Dr. M. R. Nayak
Director Planning
Prof. Biswajit Sahoo
Director (Student Affairs)
Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini
Director, Student Services
Prof. Veena Goswami
Dean, School of Computer Applications
Prof. Geeta Satpathy
Dean, School of Humanities
Prof. Arun Kumar Ray
Dean, School of Electronics Engg
Prof. Puspalata Pattojoshi

Dean, School of Applied Sciences

Prof. Chinmoy Kumar Panigrahi
Dean, School of Electrical Engg
Prof. Banu Gopal Mohapatra
Dean, School of Civil Engg
Prof. Ashok K. Sahoo
Dean, School of Mechanical Engg
Prof. Samaresh Mishra
Dean, School of Computer Engg
Prof. Prafulla Chandra Mishra
Dean, School of Law
Prof. Saranjit Singh
Dean, Training & Placement
Landline : +91 674 2725 419, 6542 304
Prof. Ashok Kumar Sar
Dean, School of Management,
Landline : +91 674 2725 713
Prof. Kumar Mohanty
Dean, Career Advisory & Augmentation Services (CAAS)
Dr. R. N. Samanta
CEO, Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) & Pradyumna Bal Memorial Hospital
Landline : +91 674 2726 303
Prof. H. Khatua
CEO, School of Film & Media Sciences / Fashion Technology
Landline : +91 674 2725 703
Mr. S. Suar
KIIT International School
Landline : +91 674 2725 805
Dr. T. Mohanty
Kalinga Polytechnic
Landline : +91 674 2725 098
Er. A. P. Roy
Industrial Training Centre
Landline :+91 674 2725 053
Mr. P. K. Sahoo
Director, Estate & Establishment
Mr. Bimal K. Jena
Development Officer
Landline : +91 674 6531 370
Mr. H. K. Nayak
Finance Officer
Mr. Amulya Prusty
Deputy Finance Officer
Mr. Sibanand Mishra
Director, HR
Mr. Dilip Ku Panda
Dy Registrar, KIMS
Ms. Sradhanjali Nayak
Chief Public Relations Officer
Landline : +91 674 2725 636
Ms. Smita Mohanty
Chief Relationship Officer
Landline : +91 674 2725 113
Mr. Chandrajit Pattnaik
Chief Personal Officer
Landline : +91 674 2725 636
Ms.Suryasnata Mohanty
Dy. Director, KIIT & KISS
Prof. Srikant Das
Head, ICT Cell
  Mr. Prabodh Chandra Panda
Joint Chief Technical Officer
Mr. M. A. Khan
Head, A/C Maintenance
Mr. S. N. Nayak
Chief Engineer (Electrical)
Mr. P. K. Champati
Dy Registrar (Enforcement)
Landline: +91 674 2725 630
Mr. S.K. Rath
Dy Registrar (Hostel)
Landline : +91 674 2725 392
Mr. K. P. Dwivedy
Sr. Administrative Officer, KIMS
Mr. Snehasish Rout
Sr. A.O., KIIT Law School
Ms. Jayanti Nath
A.O., Girls' Hostel
Landline: +91 674 6035 000
Mr. Samabesh Nayak
Administrative Officer, School of Management
Landline: +91 674 2725 713
Mr. R. N. Biswal
P.A to Founder
Tel Installation & Maintenance
Mrs. B. Routray
Chief Librarian (Central Library)
Landline: +91 674 2725 173
Dr. Gaganendu Dash
Director, Sports
Ms Rashmita Mohanty
Sports Officer
Mr. Ratnakar Pati
Public Relation Officer
+91 674 2725636
Mr. Satya Sundar Das
A.O., KIIT Polytechnic & Housing
Mr. Satyabrata Das
Head, Publication Cell
Mr. Rajesh Verma
Sr. A.O., Publication Cell
Mr. Smruti Ranjan Nayak
Creative Head
Ms. Bhagyalaxmi Das
Head, Web Development