“I believe higher education is a state responsibility. However, in India we have bright instances of private initiatives in higher education. Madan Mohan Malviya, who established Banaras Hindu University, Rabindra Nath Tagore, who set up Santiniketan, Syed Ahmad Khan, who set up AMU, and JRD Tata are the most prominent examples. I am happy to see today that with the establishment of a promising university like KIIT, Dr. Achyuta Samanta has joined this league of great men”.

-- Prof. Ved Prakash, Hon’ble Chairman of University Grants Commission (UGC)

“I am awestruck by the campuses of KIIT, which is comparable to the best institutions of the world. KIIT is beyond imagination and its founder is a living legend. It has bloomed even beyond imagination of its founder in such a short span of time."

-- Dr. (Mrs.) Shimla, Director, Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training

'It is rare that a young man has established two great educational institutions like KIIT and KISS in a very short span of time. I appreciate Dr. Samanta that one of the two institutions, KISS, provides complete free education with free boarding and accommodation to poor tribal students, both boys and girls, from kindergarten to postgraduate level. This is a perfect example of cross-subsiding education within the private sector and I hope his examples should be followed by many others.

-- Prof. B. B. Bhattacharya, Vice Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (27.12.2009)

'I am infused with the institute and the quality of students and faculty.’


-- Prof. Ranbir Singh, Vice Chancellor, National Law University, Delhi.

‘The social sense of the Founder, Dr. A. Samanta can easily be seen in his efforts to set up a school for the tribal students providing education from KG to PG and also free boarding and lodging, which is being provided by the KIIT establishment. I have never seen such devotion and commitment.’

-- Prof. N. R. Shetty, President, ISTE, New Delhi (26.03.2007)

'KIIT is a novel example on how educational institutions can discharge their accountability and shoulder their corporate social responsibility.'


-- Prof. R. S. Nirjar, Vice Chancellor, Gautam Buddha University (19.12.2008

'I have returned to KIIT after almost five years. What a transformation I have noticed. This has been the most remarkable success story in institution building. It reflects total commitment of the people behind this institution. We need to replicate such models in other states and centers which are not so developed in terms of educational institution infrastructure.’

-- Prof. Devi Singh, Director, IIM Lucknow.(19.10.2008)


'There are no words to explain the growth and the great work in education. Such exceptional works are possible by extreme passion and commitment.'

-- Shri H. K. Chaudhary, Chairman & Trustee, Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata

'I am sure the institutions will maintain their reputation and improve upon it in the future under the able guidance of its Founder, Dr. A. Samanta.'

-- Prof. J. P Singh, Chairman, Numismatic Society of India (NSI) (19.10.2010)

I am delighted to have the opportunity to meet with your excellent faculty members and many enthusiastic and capable students. KIIT is an outstanding institution, providing unique opportunities to educate, train and support its community and the economy of Odisha and India. I am impressed by the facilities and mission of this fine organization.

-- Dr. Victoria Wise, Director - MBA, Deakin Business School, Deakin University , Australia (31.10.2009)


'I am very impressed of KIIT for taking the great responsibility of the socially underprivileged children to give them a chance for their new life. I appreciate the spirit of the Founder, Dr. A. Samanta.'

-- Dr.Waltanapong Rakwichian, Asso. Prof & Director, Asian Development Institute for Community Economy and Technology, Chiang Mai Rajbhat University, Thailand


KIIT is such a very good university that can provide many subjects to students. KISS is good place for underprivileged people. It gives opportunity, activities, knowledge, skills, jobs and work to these people. The Founder must be credited for such an incredible work.

-- Dr. Kaltima Phichai, Asst. Prof., Faculty Member at Biology Dept., Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Thailand


Very impressed with the University and its facilities. I greatly appreciate KIIT University’s commitment towards the community. On behalf of Deakin University, I would like to wish KIIT all the best in future and particularly the great work done through KISS to the tribal community. I had an excellent and refilling experience at KIIT.

-- Prof. K. Baskaran, Associate Professor, Interim Head of School, School of Engineering, Deaking University, Australia

I am very impressed about the development of KIIT so quickly and still now developing. I am sure that KIIT should be the best University in India as well as in the whole world. 

-- Dr. Yong-Sang Kim, Director, Nano-Bio Research Centre, Myongji University, Gyeonggi, Korea (2009)


The impressive features about KIIT are its rate of growth in size and programmes, transparency of governance system, high degree of social commitment and comprehensive nature of academic programme.

-- Prof. M. Anandakrishnan, Chairman, IIT Kanpur

I am very impressed by the nice environment created by the Founder of KIIT to promote education in the State of Odisha. Further, I have noted a lot of enthusiasm among the staff and faculty to participate in academic programmes of the university.

-- Prof. Binayak Rath, Vice Chancellor, Utkal University (26.09.2009)

A very impressive experience. The sight of engaged children and dedicated teachers, supported with such passion by Dr. Samanta and his team has to be seen to be believed. The learning opportunities for the most disadvantaged at KISS will transform lives not only of children but also change their families and communities. Dr. Samanta’s vision and its translation into reality is a huge contribution to the social development of the state and of the country.

-- Prof. Omkarnath Mohanty, Vice Chancellor, BPUT (19.10.2008)