"Enthusiasm of faculty and students of KIIT University in the area of research is impressive. Work done by Dr. Samanta to establish this institution will take the country forward."

-- Padmashri Dr. Sekhar Basu, Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission & Director, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)(07.11.2015)

'KIIT University has gained a lot of momentum within a short span of time solely due to the vision, commitment and hard work of its Founder, Achyuta Samanta. The university provides excellent facility and has a bright future.'

-- His Lordship Shri Justice P. Sathasivam, Hon’ble Chief Justice of India (09.08.2013)

'I had not heard much about KIIT & KISS before coming here. My perception was that they are small institutions. I'm surprised to see so much work being done here. It takes a century to develop a University. I'm amazed to see such an educational complex developed by such a simple man in such a short span of time.'

-- Dr. S. Y. Quraishi, Chief Election Commissioner, India (10.02.2011)

'The KIIT is a work of the Divine. It shows what it achieves through its chosen ones. The institution will live to be a tribute to mankind. The sight of tribal children educated in an atmosphere of happiness and confidence was most rewarding.'

-- Mr. Gopal Subramanium, Solicitor General of India (19.07.2008)

'I am most impressed with this great institution. Living in Delhi, I was ignorant of the good work being done here and the good things done in far away eastern India.'

-- Shri Fali Sam Nariman, President Bar Association of India And Senior Advocate, Supreme Court (30.04.2011)

'This institution is really a miracle, amazing and wonder of wonders. I salute Mr. Samanta, who dedicated his entire life for the upliftment of the poor tribals.'

-- Hon’ble Shri Justice M. Karpaga Vinayagam, Chairperson, Appellate Tribunal for Electricity And Former Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court

'This is an institute which has grown within such a short span of time. I have seen it grow from strength to strength. Every time I come I see changes on the ladder of excellence. May it bring further glory to itself and to the land of Odisha.'


-- Hon’ble Justice Dr. B. S. Chauhan, Chief Justice of Odisha (19.07.2008)

'It has been a great visit to KIIT. The warmth of the Founder and his associates has been overwhelming. I am very impressed with the facilities and I have no doubt that the law students would benefit greatly from the institution.'


-- Hon’ble Justice Shri Madan B. Lokur, Hon’ble Judge, Delhi High Court(23.01.2009)

'KIIT and KISS complement rich culture and tradition of Odisha and add to the intellectual wealth of the State.'


-- Hon’ble Justice, Shri S. B. Sinha, Judge, Supreme Court of India (20.09.2008)

‘It is impossible to believe that a young man with the humility that he possesses, Dr. A. Samanta has been able to develop a university of the size and stature that is so impressive.’

-- Mr. K. C. Jena, Chairman, Railway Board & Principal Secretary to Govt. of India (25.07.2008)