"It is impressive to see what has been established in the few years of its existence."


-- Prof. J. Georg Bednorz, Nobel Laureate in Physics-1987,IBM RESEARCH GmbH – ZURICH (27.08.2016)

“I am greatly impressed by the progress made by this young University in such a short time and for this I offer my respect and admiration to its founder, Dr. Achyuta Samanta."

--Professor Sir John E. Walker, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (1997), U.K., Emeritus Director, MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Cambridge, U. K.(07.11.2015)

“Collect your dreams right now, carefully analyse them, exclude the impossible ones and set a strict focus on realistic and approachable goals with a certain success rate and be aware to also include a portion of rest. I am enormously impressed how this University has developed.”


--Prof. Em. Dr. Hans Hengartner, ETH and University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland (07.11.2015)

"It is humanity that ultimately benefits from the endeavours of KIIT and its founder, Dr. Samanta. Today, for the first time, I have experienced education for all in real time. I have been able to see not due to the work of a government or through the work of an inter-governmental organization, but through the vision, personal sacrifice and commitment of a man who has devoted his entire life to the betterment of the human condition out of love for his fellow human beings" .

-- Hon’ble Dr. Justice Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, Vice-president, International Court of Justice, The Hague (22.12.2015)

"Very impressive understating to provide such extensive expressive educational facilities. The scale of it is amazing and will surely impact the future of India. This is India’s secret to success."

--Prof. Paul F. Castellanos,Associate Professor of SurgeryDirector, UAB AeroDigestive Center School of Medicine, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

"After having visited KIIT University campuses, I am very much impressed by the dynamism and the energy here-the leadership, the management team, faculty, staff and students & am also impressed by the driving line, commitment and the spirit of team work."

-- His Excellency Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia (26.01.2014)

“My visit to KIIT and KISS reconfirmed my belief that education is not preparation for life, but it is life itself. I commend youthful energy of KIIT University. It is one of the foundations of future. It also reflects the spirit of rising Odisha”

-- His Excellency Mr. Rajkeswur Purryag, GCSK, GOSK, President of The Republic of Mauritius (16.11.2013)

"It has been a great privilege for me and my team to visit the KIIT University and KISS on September 8th and 9th 2012.

It has been encouraging, stimulating and motivating that even one individual, Dr. A. Samanta, who was deprived of the blessing and support of his father at the age of four and grew up in absolute poverty, architected his mission to provide quality education to so many children."

--Mr. Ghulam Farooq Wardak, Hon’ble Minister of Education, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (09.09.2012)

"This is one of the most amazing and inspiring organizations I have ever seen. The world would be a better place if KIIT could be replicated in every part of the world where there is a need."

--Ms. Diana Aviv, President and CEO, Independent Sector, U.S.A (24.08.2012)

"How such a wonderful future of India has been planted here in KIIT!
We at IYFI have been inspired a lot. Truly we appreciate all of you."

--Prof. Kim Soo Yeon, Director, International Youth Fellowship India (IYFI) (25.08.2012)

'I am overwhelmed to see this wonderful Institution. It is building a better future for all its pupils and India as a whole.'


--His Excellency Mr. James David Bevan, British High Commissioner - designate to India (15.12.2011)

'I am very happy to be here in this vibrant and upcoming University, KIIT.'


-- Hon’ble Shri Jhala Nath Khanal, Former Prime Minister of Nepal (26.09.2011)

'I feel inspired by the way the institution has developed. May it prosper and go from strength to strength.'


-- Dr. Jitendra Nath Misra, Hon’ble Ambassador of India to Laos People’s Democratic Republic

'I have been extraordinarily impressed with the phenomenal work undertaken by KIIT/KISS. The work of these two institutions gives me great hope that the challenges facing eastern India can be translated into opportunity. You are truly inspirations for all of the world.’

-- Dr. Robert S. Zeigler, Director General, International Rice Research Institute, Manila, Philippines. (20.09.2009)

'We thank KIIT University and its management for a wonderful conference, an impressive inauguration of the School of Biotechnology and Convocation. Organisation of our visit and of the events was excellent and highly professional.'


-- Prof. Rolf M. Zinkernagel, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1996)(22.11.2007)

‘Without any financial donor and State funding, this institution is alive and really creating a world that we all love to see. A just, peaceful, human and caring institution, contributing to build a world of peace and harmony.'

--Ms. Edna Bomo Molewa, Cabinet Minister, (Social Devt) in South Africa, National Assembly (18.09.2008)

‘This is a wonderful campus. I am particularly impressed with the great work of Dr. Samanta, Founder of KIIT and KISS.’


-- Mr. E. B. Murray, State Senator, US

‘I was impressed with KIIT. The time of the operation, the rapid expansion and the great dedication of the entire faculty and students are all great accomplishments. I commend KIIT for its work and wish it more success in the future.’


-- Mr. Henry V. Jardine, Consulate General of the United States of America

‘In terms of infrastructure, aesthetics and student strength and quality, KIIT is no way less than any international university.’


-- Ms. Beth A. Payne, US Consul General, Kolkata (12.09.2008)

‘KIIT is comparable to Nalanda, Taxilla and Vikramsila of past.'



-- Prof. Said Irandoust, President, AIT, Bangkok

‘This institution left me with an impression that our involvement are done absolutely correctly. I am eager to follow the development of KIIT very closely. I am interested to stay in contact with KIIT during the next further years.’


-- Prof. Hans Hengartner, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zurich (22.11.2007)


‘Words cannot explain what Samanta has done here. But time will show the powers of a dream. Please keep up with the dream.’

-- Mr. Natha Nabeta Igeme, Member of Parliament, Parliament of Uganda, Africa


‘It would be our honour and privilege to work together with KIIT in order to empower the young people also in South Africa.’

-- Mr. Gaba Tabane, CEO, Invest North West Province, South Africa

I am very impressed with the facilities at KISS and KIIT.


-- Mr. Sanjay Wadvani, Deputy High Commissioner, British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata