Recognizing the role of library and information services in meeting the requirements of the university's academic, research, training and consultancy programmes, the Central library was set-up as one of the key divisions of the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology(KIIT), Bhubaneswar. It acts as the main information and learning resource centre of the university that has provided services and facilities to the academic and administrative communities since 1997. The library is housed in an ultra-modern and well equipped four storied building with the following objectives :
To build a state-of-the art knowledge resource centre.
To support the learning process of the students of the university.
To fulfill the information/knowledge requirements of the faculty and supporting teaching staff.
To provide better resource and information for research and consultancy work of the university.
To provide proactive and innovative information services to the users of the central library.
  Over a period of 11 years, the Central library has grown quite impressively. The library has a core collection of over 1,41,819 select documents ( in various forms). It subscribes to over 406 reputed periodicals. Equipped with the latest designed furniture and fittings, the library has all the modern equipment to support its diverse activities. Computer and related technology has been used to modernize its operations and services. It meets the complex information requirements of a variety of its end-users (from both within the university and outside) satisfactorily.

The central library has also developed a e-library which provides access to the best of engineering, business and management, law and legislation and bio-technology related digital resources through its subscription to various e-databases such as -

IEL Online
  The library remains open round the clock through out the year except on the following national holidays, Republic Day - 26th January; Independence Day - 15th August; and Gandhi Jayanti - 2nd October.
  Dr. (Mrs.) Bijayalaxmi Rautaray
Central Library
Kosi Campus
Ph-No (0674) 2725173