It is universally recognized that mass communication today plays a critical role in imparting social values and understanding of the world beset by many conflicts and contradictions. The role of the journalists and media practitioner in contributing to public opinion and generating national and international debate and setting social agendas thereby becomes critical. Therefore, the promotion of quality education in this area is an imperative to ensure that media is rooted in democratic and ethical values.

At the same time most prestigious schools of mass communication and journalism tend to be located in metros with all the advantages of easy access to manpower and latest technology. The vast hinterland has had to make do with mediocre teaching and ill-equipped departments unable to provide the kind of theoretical and hands on training required to meet the professional demands of the highly competitive media industry. KIIT seeks to change this situation by providing quality media education and technical facilities in a non-metro city like Bhubaneswar.

Hands on training and simulated work platforms are a distinct feature of the courses the KIIT School of Mass Communication offers. Responsive to rapidly changing technology and media scenario, the Mass Communication School provides state-of-the-art technical facilities, a competent core faculty and academic support drawn from throughout the country wherever excellence is to be found.

In an era of commercialization to retain values of social responsibility and commitment on the strong ground of skills and scholastic competence (which contributes to the development of quality and standards) is the hallmark of the Mass Communication School. The program will not only cater to the need of providing trained manpower to the ever growing industry, but also attempt to chart new grounds in terms of producing proactive students sensitive to the needs of wider society. KIIT has historically made diverse efforts to contribute to social development and progress and sees the establishment of the School of Mass Communication as a continuation of this ongoing commitment.


Mass Communication-Dual Degree (BJMC/MJMC) (5 years)


Pass in 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognised central/state board with 50% marks in aggregate


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  • Prof. Amit Sengupta

Panel of Guest Faculties

  • Professor B. P. Sanjay
  • Mr. P. Sainath
  • Professor Vepa Rao
  • Professor J. Jethwaney
  • Professor Subhash Dhulya
  • Professor Surajit Mazumdar
  • Mr. K. N. Hari Kumar
  • Mr. Sampad Mahapatra
  • Mr. Harpal Singh Bedi
  • Mr. C. Rajamohan
  • Mr. Manoj Joshi
  • Ms. Rhitambra Shashtri
  • Mr Vipul Mudgal
  • Ms. Kanchan K. Malik
  • Ms. C.K. Meena
  • Ms. Sutapa De

Director Admissions
Koel Campus, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar – 751024, Odisha, INDIA.
Voice: 0674-2742103, 2741747
Fax: 0674-2741465

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Prof. Himanshu Khatua
Voice: 9437012260
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KIIT invites you to join School of Mass Communication for the following reasons :
  • High standards of academic excellence and rigor
  • Provides ongoing training in English language skills and communication
  • Inculcate ethical values that will mould students into being socially responsible professional
  • Students  are encouraged to work towards social change
  • Students are encouraged to think ‘out of the box’ using alternative media approaches
  • Students  are enabled to confront challenges thrown up by an increasingly globalized world
  • Innovative teaching and training methodologies are used
  • A dynamic curriculum is offered geared to meet the changing needs of students and the industry
  • Faculty who bring to the courses both scholarship and work experience
  • The course provides a strong grounding in both theory and practice and is multidisciplinary in nature
  • The school provides multi-media classrooms and state-of-art technological infrastructure for teaching and practical exercises
  • Simulation exercises are built into the course in the area of specialization
  • Diverse employment opportunities offered on completion of the course