Re-scrutiny of grades in the result of Spring End semester examination - 2013 (Regular) respective semesters / years

Interested students may apply directly or as Advanced copy for Re-scrutiny of grade(s) as per the following table:

Sl.No. Type of form Mode of Submission
(A) PRINTED APPLICATION FORM (from respective schools) Filled up form to be submitted to the respective school
(from KIIT University website) - Advance Copy
Filled up form to be sent to Office of the Controller of Examinations, Campus-V (KIM's Campus), Block-F, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar – 24 by surface mail (Regd./Speed post) along with demand draft in favour of the KIIT, payable at Bhubaneswar.
On each subject:
Re-evaluation – Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only)
Re-addition – Rs. 200/- (Rupees two hundred only)
Course & Duration (to apply for re-evaluation/re-addition)
Notification No. & date
Duration of apply
Ref: KIIT-U/Exam/ Evaluation (KSBT) /8475/13, dt: 12/06/2013 6th Dual Degree, 8th & 10th M. Sc. (Integrated) Biotechnology 13 June 2013 to 21 June 2013
Ref: KIIT-U/Exam/ Evaluation (SOT) /8474/13, dt: 12/06/2013 4th & 6th Sem. B. Tech. 13 June 2013 to 21 June 2013
Ref: KIIT-U/Exam/ Evaluation (SOT) /8485/13, dt: 14/06/2013 2nd Sem. B. Tech. & M. Tech. 17 June 2013 to 24 June 2013
Ref: KIIT-U/Exam/ Evaluation (SOL) /8570(A)/13,
dt: 24/06/2013
2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th Sem. LLB. & 2nd Sem. LLM 25th June 2013 to 2nd July 2013
Ref: KIIT-U/Exam/ Re-scutiny (SOM) /8609/13
dt: 27/06/2013
2nd & 4th Sem. BBA 28th June 2013 to 5th July 2013
Ref: KIIT-U/Exam/ Evaluation(KSBT) /8671/13
4th M. Tech. Biotechnology (Dual Degree), 2nd M. Sc. Applied Microbiology, 2nd M.Tech. Biotechnology (Dual Degree) & 2nd M. Sc Biotechnology 3rd July 2013 to 11th July 2013
Ref: KIIT-U/Exam/ Evaluation(MBA-RM) /8800/13
2nd Sem. MBA(RM) 24th July 2013 to 31st July 2013

After the due dates mentioned above no fresh applications shall be considered. Downloaded Application Form (advance copy) without Demand Draft shall not be processed at all.

The Head of the school is requested to submit the hard copy consolidated list of applicants’ details in terms of course and semester as per the Format enclosed herewith. The soft copy (in excel format) of the same please be send in the mail id

In case there are no applicants for re-scrutiny, a certification from Head of the School must be submitted to this effect.
Controller of Examinations


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