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Student Achivements

Dutee, Amiya and Aparajita Felicitated in KIIT

Three student achievers of KIIT - sprinters Amiya Kumar Mallick, Dutee Chand and Chess star Aparajita Gochhikar - were felicitated by Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS for their remarkable success. They brought laurel to KIIT as well as to the state of Odisha and India by winning medals in different events organized recently. Dutee Chand and Amiya Mallick broke National Records in 100m sprint in women’s and men’s events respectively on Day 1 of Federation Cup. Amiya won the [...]

Best Scientific Paper Award to KIDS Student

Dr. Diptajit Das, a 2nd year PG student from Dept of Public Health Dentistry, KIDS  won the best paper award for his presentation titled "Students' perceptions of the educational environment measured using the DREEM inventory in a dental school of KIIT university, Bhubaneswar, Odisha" in scientific session of the 20th National Conference of IAPHD held recently at Manipal College of Dental Sciences.

KIIT Students Excel in Film Making

It is for the second time students of School of Film and Media Sciences of KIIT University excel in making short film. Soham Dutta, a student of School of Film and Media Sciences, KIIT University has received the 2nd Prize for making short films on child labour, child sexual abuse, child marriage and corporate punishment etc. Soham got this prize in a Competition held by UNICEF and AAINA- a local voluntary Organization. Short Films having durations of 30, 60 and [...]

KIIT Students win two National Moot Court Competitions

KIIT Law School students won two National Moot Court Competitions in the last one month. The students won the first IP Markets, 'IPR National Moot Court Competition 2015', organized by Osmania University, Hyderabad, held during 20-22nd February and the '3rd Mahamana Malaviya National Moot Court Competition 2015', organized by Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, from 27 February - 1 March.

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I FLEX : KIIT Students

Artificial intelligence (AL) is the intelligence of machines. KIIT students have developed a project to help the paralytics or those who have lost their arms or legs in accident. The system has been implemented with the use of hardware mainly consisting Flex Sensors, Processing unit and the AC control unit. Flex sensors basically give us the change in the voltage across it. And the variation of the voltage is passed through the processing unit which is basically a MICRO CONIROLLER. A MICRO [...]

Axial Fatigue Testing Machine : KIIT Students

KIIT students have developed a project that deals with the development of an ‘Axial Fatigue Testing Machine’, which would be used to determine the axial fatigue strength and the fatigue limit of a standard specimen. Every material has a fixed value of fracture point when the body is loaded under normal conditions. If a body is subjected to fatigue; i.e., stress reversal the body tends to fail at a much lower value of stress as compared to its fracture value. This project [...]

Dynamic Vibration Absorber : KIIT Students

FEM is the sophisticated tool which is the very helpful in the comparative result making. Adaptive Tuned Dynamic Vibration Absorbers (ARDVA) is used to control vibration in a structure. A dynamic vibration absorber (DVA) is essentially a secondary mass, attached to an original system via a spring and damper. The natural frequency of the DVA is tuned such that it coincides with the frequency of unwanted vibration in the original system. This results in a subcomponent of the total structure adding [...]

I Web Leaf Laptop : KIIT Students

Despite a plethora of delivery mechanisms, most governments are increasingly perceived as unresponsive with no covert accountability systems and mere lip service to transparency. The availability of constantly improving technological solutions coupled with innovative managerial tools have given rise to scope and options for improved administrative structures, the highest quality governance. Affordable laptops and net cards can also bring out a drastic change over the education standard in rural public. For the citizens any encounter with the government is a harrowing experience. This [...]

Low- Fat Chargers with i-Save Technology : KIIT Students

People often forget to switch off their room's electrical appliances. This problem was taken care of by a remotely handled mobile phone. The bicycle's tyres gave necessary friction which was converted into a current with a voltage that was enough to recharge the depleted batteries in the mobile phone. Low Fat Charger is the mechanism in the average bicycle that converts the pedaling force into the required 5 Volts charge for the Li-lon battery. I-Save is the technology unit that enables communication [...]

IVRS System : KIIT Students

A security essential in light of the many fires and accidents in the industrial domestic and public, service institutions like hospitals is the IVRS system. A remote security system guards against untoward incidents with electrical appliances at home and work. A wireless system enabled by the ever present mobile phone, controls the devices remotely. This saves energy and costs arising from wastage or mishaps. It also aids the lifestyle of the busy individual and the lifespan of the appliance.

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